Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rox a perfect fit for Walker

If Todd Walker decides to leave the safe haven of his retirement, he could do much worse than sign with the Colorado Rockies.

The defending NL champions have contacted Walker about their opening at second base. Should Walker sign, he would be given a chance to win the starting job, or, at worse, share time with rookie Jayson Nix.

Walker has ties to Colorado, having played there in 2000-01. He'd be reunited with Todd Helton, whom he shared the right side of the infield with during that earlier span.

Walker fits Colorado's character mold. The Rockies don't have many high-profile players. They are a team of grinders and a couple of electric talents (Matt Holliday, Troy Tulowitzki). Walker fit so well in Boston during the Red Sox' strong 2003 postseason run.

He is well-regarded as a teammate and that's something any team can use. Plus, Walker's left-handed swing plays well in Coors Field and, even with the Humidor, would produce solid numbers for the career .289 hitter.


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