Monday, December 17, 2007

Mitchell redux

After letting the Mitchell Report and its fallout sink in, I got to thinking about some of the things I heard from former players and managers while preparing our localized story in Friday's paper.

My favorite story came from one former player who said one of his ex-teammates had a friend who was a teammate of Roger Clemens in Toronto. In addition to the usual things found in a locker -- hats, gloves, spikes -- Clemens had some interesting stuff, including a box of syringes.

One of my favorite quotes was from a former manger who said, "I can't believe these guys didn't just say, 'Yeah, I did it and it helped me.' It wasn't against the rules at the time."

We still didn't get much out of the Mitchell Report, but I enjoyed a couple laughs over it -- including seeing Rich Garces (yes, this Rich Garces) on the fake list of players in the report that was posted by WNBC in New York.


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