Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shilling vs. Clemens, round 2

For his sake, I hope Curt Schilling is right again.

On his blog,, Schilling called out Roger Clemens, saying the seven-time Cy Young Award winner should give back the four Cy Youngs he won after 1997, saying they are tainted by accusations of steroid use.

Of course, Schilling says Clemens should do this only if he cannot refute the allegations against him in the Mitchell Report.

Schilling has called out Jose Canseco and Barry Bonds thus far, but he and Clemens have a much more personal history. Remember it was Clemens who lectured Schilling about how the latter was wasting his talent when he was younger. Schilling took the words to heart and turned out to become one of the best big-game pitchers of his generation.

We can only assume Clemens didn't tell the now-portly right-hander to shoot up in those conversations.


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