Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell report unsurprising

Raise your hand if you were surprised by any of the "findings" in former Sen. George Mitchell's report on steroid use in Major League Baseball.

Just as I thought -- not many.

The surprising part will come in the next few days as people argue over how much of a black eye this gives the sport.

On, there is a column by Scott Miller saying Thursday's public release of the Mitchell Report helps baseball step out of a black decade. Maybe it should say decades, but no harm no foul.

There were no real surprises in the report. Who hasn't thought Roger Clemens could have been a steroid user? Andy Pettitte probably is the closest thing to a surprise, but there's always guilt by association.

More surprising were names not in the report. Guys like Brady Anderson, Jeff Bagwell, Sammy Sosa and others who seemed to be the most likely inclusions were nowhere to be found. Instead, luminaries like Jack Cust, Larry Bigbie and Mike Judd were included.

Oh and if you're looking for proof that steroid use, or alleged steroid use, doesn't always mean pumped-up muscle men, check out this picture of Jim Parque, who was mentioned in the Mitchell Report.


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