Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More steroid fallout

Tuesday brought another day of Mitchell Report fallout and two different ways of handling it.

Baltimore's Brian Roberts had been someone questioned by many prior to his inclusion in the Mitchell Report. He owned up to his one-time steroid use in 2003. Whether you believe Roberts truly used steroids once is beside the point. Roberts, much like baseball itself, owned up to a mistake. Now we must move on.

Roger Clemens, meanwhile, continues to issue statements denying he took HGH or steroids. He is well on his way to being painted as one person called him "the white Barry Bonds."

Generally speaking, in his later years, Clemens has been congenial with the media. He has been charming, well-spoken and genuine -- everything Bonds has tried not to be. Until now, it has earned Clemens the beneift of the doubt.

Now, however, it should not. We should hold him for what he is painted as -- someone as dirty as anyone in the game.


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