Sunday, May 6, 2007

Weekend wrap

Another weekend of college baseball is complete. Here's what we learned as we draw ever closer to conference tournament time.

We learned Paul Mainieri has a magic rabbit in his hat. His name is Jared Bradford and he has won or saved 10 of LSU's 11 SEC victories. LSU has a good chance of reaching the SEC Tournament if Bradford's right arm stays connected to his lanky body.

We learned Louisiana Tech is looking at another fade if its not careful. The Bulldogs scraped out one win in Nevada over the weekend, but Tech probably needs a sweep at Fresno State to carry any kind of momentum into the WAC Tournament.

We learned NSU is in serious trouble. The Demons, who host the SLC Tournament later this month, have two weeks left to shake off their funk and make the tournament enjoyable for anyone who lives in Natchtioches.

We learned home is sweeter than the road for Centenary. The Gents took 3 of 4 from Southern Utah, but are still looking for a way to notch a Mid-Con sweep. Still, their first series win in conference play couldn't have come at a better time.

Finally we learned Omaha is considering a new stadium that would replace Rosenblatt Stadium, home of the College World Series. What price progress? Sure I love the new wave of minor league parks as much as anyone. Took in a game at Round Rock last summer and loved it, but taking the CWS out of Rosenblatt Stadium, smacks of corporate America and for college athletics that's a shame.


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