Sunday, May 6, 2007

Reflecting on Clemens

Well at least we don't have to spend the month of May hearing over and over again where Roger Clemens may end up. We now know he will be pitching for the New York Yankees.

Good or bad, you ask? Well if you're a Yankees fan you have to hope Clemens can once again stave off Father Time. And, even if he does, is your team's problems solved by adding one starting pitcher.

You have to remember this is a guy who less than two seasons ago threw 100-plus pitches against the St. Louis Cardinals in a playoff game and got exactly three swing-and-misses. Clemens doesn't last past the sixth inning much any more, which makes him a perfect fit for the floundering Yankees rotation.

Now for the teams who lost out on Clemens. The Astros know it's waaaaaaay too early to throw in the towel and the Red Sox have no reason to mess with their chemistry right now.

In hindsight we shouldn't be surprised at this move for Clemens. First, Andy Pettitte returned to the Bronx, so it was probably better than a 50-50 shot Clemens would follow. Just remember in 2004 it was Clemens who followed Pettitte to Houston. So far Pettitte has been the Yankees' only reliable pitcher. Now only (Father) time will tell if Clemens makes it two.


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