Thursday, May 3, 2007

Funny how things work out

The Oakland A's have been ravaged by injuries in the first month and a few days of the 2007 season. Therefore, erstwhile genius GM Billy Beane has turned into Monty Hall and played "Let's Make a Deal" with his minor league rosters.

About the only surprise is Todd Walker remains an Oakland Athletic. Nothing against Todd or what he's done, but it seems whenever someone is moving from team to team, there is a good chance it involves the former Airline High and LSU star.

One of the negatives when it comes to Walker, however, is who the A's are acquiring. When Mike Piazza injured his shoulder and was deemed to be out for 4-to-6 weeks, Beane acquired Jack Cust, the quintessential "4A" player. Simply put, Cust rakes at Triple-A then rusts in the big leagues.

Sure Walker's .250 average isn't setting the world on fire, but given his sporadic playing time, that's understandable. Given the spate of injuries on the A's, it would make sense for Bob Geren and the A's management to give Walker a shot as Oakland's DH while Piazza recovers.


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