Monday, April 30, 2007

April's AL power rankings

In less than an hour, April becomes May and the first month of the Major League Baseball season will be a memory. With that being said, I'm going to take a stab at ranking the teams, like I used to do the last two years in The Times. Here's the American League version.
1. Boston -- 5-1 against New York, atop the AL East and Manny's not even hitting yet.
2. Los Angeles -- Sure the Angels are streaky, but they ended April on a hot streak.
3. Cleveland -- Not so sure they totally remade the bullpen, but the lineup is rocking again.
4. Detroit -- Just wait till Sheffield turns it on.
5. Minnesota -- Ditto for Santana.
6. Toronto -- Jays already near their health insurance deductible.
7. Chicago -- Buehrle has April's most memorable moment.
8. Seattle -- Perfectly mediocre is actually an improvement in the Northwest.
9. Oakland -- Not so much by the Bay.
10. Baltimore -- O's are off to a better-than-expected start.
11. Tampa Bay -- Young hitters are making up for other shortcomings.
12. Texas -- Murphy's Law already leasing in Arlington.
13. New York -- Sorry, can't quite put the $200 million disappointment dead last.
14. Kansas City -- Maybe Meche was a good sign after all.


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