Monday, April 30, 2007

April's NL power rankings

Below you'll see my first batch of rankings for the season. The last two years, we did these on Sundays in the print editions of The Times. Now I've decided to cut back and do them at the end of each month. Here goes the National League.

1. Atlanta -- Don't the Hawks wish they could rebound like this.
2. New York -- Everyone thought the Mets had rotation worries. Thank you, John Maine.
3. Los Angeles -- The best of a bad lot out West, but then again, so is the rest of the NL.
4. Milwaukee -- Not a misprint. Of course they started fast last year, too.
5. Arizona -- Snakes alive! The Baby Backs are winning all kinds of games all kinds of ways.
6. San Diego -- You won't find many Padres fans around here after the Todd Walker situation.
7. San Francisco -- The NL's version of the Angels in terms of streakability.
8. Florida -- A bit of regression is to be expected from this youth-laden club.
9. Philadelphia -- "Team to beat" has beat itself up early.
10. Pittsburgh -- Torres has remarkably resilient right arm.
11. Cincinnati -- Dunn still all-or-nothing hitter.
12. Houston -- Welcome to the Show, Hunter Pence. Now go save the Astros.
13. Chicago -- Piniella must be pondering his decision to take this job.
14. St. Louis -- Kip Wells Experience not joyful for Redbirds.
15. Colorado -- One day it will click for the Rockies.
16. Washington -- Not as bad as first thought, but still awful.


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