Friday, December 28, 2007

Astros' activity won't necessarily equal success

The Houston Astros made another minor transaction Friday, signing pitcher Oscar Villareal to a two-year contract extension.

Just another day under new general manager Ed Wade. But don't get ahead of yourselves Astros fans. New faces don't always mean new results.

Yes, the Astros needed a big-time, big-league makeover after a disastrous 2007 season. But Wade still hasn't addressed the Astros' most glaring need -- starting pitching depth.

It's fun to watch the home runs Carlos Lee, Lance Berkman and Miguel Tejada will hit. Astros management, however, seems bent on undermining a potentially productive offense by having no starting pitching past Roy Oswalt and, on his good days, Wandy Rodriguez.

The Astros have tried to sign another starting pitcher. Their efforts, however, have gone for naught. There's still time, but Wade had better lock up, or trade for, another pitcher or this season could go for naught as well.


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