Monday, October 8, 2007

Yankees go home

We already know the last night of the Yankees dynasty came in November 2001 when Luis Gonzalez punctured the myth of New York's postseason invicibility.

Now, Grady Sizemore, Paul Byrd and the Cleveland Indians may have just ended a handful more of Yankee eras.

Joe Torre? Likely gone.

Roger Clemens? Hopefully, headed to retirement -- for good -- funny cell-phone commercials or not.

Alex Rodriguez? Wait 15 days after the World Series and watch the bidding begin.

That being said, the Indians deserve a tip of the cap. This was a team that went 0-6 against the Yankees in the regular season and saw their closer blow a 6-run lead at Yankee Stadium in the ninth inning.

So, in some ways, it was perfect symmetry that Joe Borowski, the aforementioned closer, whiffed Jorge Posada to lift the Indians into the ALCS for the first time since their glory days of the late 1990s.

Oh yeah, the prize for Cleveland? The "other" AL juggernaut, Boston. Have fun, Cleveland.


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