Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Last-second predictions

After going 0-for-6 last season -- and sitting out the World Series -- I'm back to try to reprieve my pitiful prediction skills.

So here goes. NOTE: Anyone wishing to use these picks for betting purposes, I cannot be held responsible for your losses or my loss of credibility.

American League Division Series
over New York in 5. The Yankees have the bats, but Cleveland has C.C. Sabathia and Fausto Carmona. Seeing Sabathia twice, could be the kiss of death for the Yankees.

Boston over L.A. Angels in 4. A lot of publications, Web sites, etc., like the Angels to win it all. I wouldn't disagree -- if they were healthy. They aren't. And given the way No. 2 pitcher Kelvim Escobar imploded down the stretch, he may not be either. Boston, on the other hand, is getting healthier by the day with the exception of Tim Wakefield. Too much healthy Red Sox for the Rally Monkey.

National League Division Series
Philadelphia over Colorado in 5. This could set the record for most runs in a playoff series of any length. The Phillies and Rockies are near mirror-images of each other -- great offenses, suspect starting pitching, rejuvenated bullpens, teams of destiny. While I think the Phillies will win, I would not be surprised to see the Rockies get their first taste of the National League Championship Series.

Chicago over Arizona in 4. Neither team has truly deep starting pitching, but each features a true ace (Chicago's Carlos Zambrano, Arizona's Brandon Webb). The difference will be offense. Chicago has it, Arizona really doesn't. That point will render the Arizona bullpen's edge over Chicago's moot.


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