Sunday, October 7, 2007

Yankees won't go away

There's a great, if completely impossible, scene in one of the Austin Powers' movies where the title character utters the line "Why won't you die?" to a bullet-riddled adversary.

Funny, we could apply the same line to the New York Yankees.

Everyone wanted to bury the Yankees when they stumbled to a 21-29 start. They came back.

Everyone wanted to write them off when they fell 14 1/2 games behind Boston. They came up short, but not before putting pressure on the Red Sox.

Everyone wanted to put the fork in them when they lost the first two games to Cleveland in their American League Division Series. They came up with a season-saving win.

True, the Indians aided the Yankees' survival by running out Jake Westbrook and his unsightly ERA against New York, but credit the Yankees for taking advantage.

Now we have a series on our hands and, as we continue to find out, the Yankees won't go down without a fight.


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