Sunday, October 14, 2007

Left speechless

When we started this blog in February, I made it a point to try not to harp on the same subjects ad nauseum.

During college baseball season that was easy. Even during the summer, it was pretty easy to balance posts about different teams or players.

So, my apologies if this blog has become a little Colorado-centric. But the Rockies are on one of the all-time great runs in late-season baseball history.

I think, however, I'm running out of ways to describe what they are doing. Every night literally brings forth a new hero.

Sunday it was former Shreveport Captain Yorvit Torrealba's turn to shine. When Torrealba hit the tiebreaking three-run home run off Livan Hernandez, it was a giant jolt for Colorado's baseball history and another sad reminder of what we used to have here with the Captains.

Now the Rockies stand on the brink of franchise history thanks in large part to two players with Louisiana ties -- Torrealba and former LSU star Brad Hawpe.


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