Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why run on this guy?

Would someone please explain to me why third-base coaches are still running on Atlanta's Jeff Francoeur?

The young man with the All-American looks, the All-American pedigree and a full-time job with his hometown team also has another All-American tool -- his right arm.

Since his major league debut in July 2005, Francoeur has more than 40 outfield assists. He's thrown at two runners at home in the same game at least twice.

Look, part of baseball is knowing when to take a risk. Part of that is gambling the outfielder -- or his relay man -- won't come up with the perfect strike to nail the runner and swing the momentum of the game.

Here's something that wouldn't be a gamble when facing the Braves -- stopping your runner at third on a ball hit to right field.


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