Saturday, August 11, 2007

Feel bad for Young

I'm not advocating feeling bad personally for someone making an eight-figure salary, but from a professional angle I do feel bad for Michael Young.

Young, the Texas Rangers All-Star shortstop, media pointman and all-around good guy, is stuck in the baseball version of Hades. It wasn't like this when Young signed his four-year contract extension in March. Heck, it wasn't like this a month ago.

Young probably thought he'd have Mark Teixeira scooping his throws at first base and hitting behind him in the lineup through 2008. He probably thought Eric Gagne would be anchoring a solid, rebuilt bullpen through the end of this season.

Instead, the trade deadline came around.

Now Young is stuck on a team that is a couple of years away -- at least -- from contending. And, chances are, when the young kids grow up, Young will likely be winding down his stellar career.


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