Sunday, August 12, 2007

Eric Gagne, my least favorite player

This is more for my own well-being, getting this out.

The Boston Red Sox didn't need Eric Gagne. They HAD, a good bullpen situation. They needed a bat at the trade deadline and somehow ended up with Eric Gagne.

I watched some of his first appearances with the team last weekend in Seattle and was not impressed. But at least I wasn't horrified.

That happened this weekend as Gagne single-handedly turned a Red Sox sweep into a lost series at Baltimore.

In Gagne's defense, sometimes closers have a mentality where they pitch better with the game on the line and not in a set-up situation.

Still, Terry Francona better figure out to do with this guy fast before he blows the Red Sox out of the water.

Now, I got that off my chest.


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