Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mesmerized by Barry

UPDATE: About five minutes after I posted this blog, Bonds hit career home run No. 756. I guess I should have posted this blog a few days earlier.

For someone so reviled in parts of this country, it is amazing the hold Barry Bonds can cast on an audience.

Bonds' pursuit of the record 756th career home run has been meticulously covered by every ESPN network from the original to the Ocho. They cut into shows to show his at-bats. They have picked up every Giants telecast since Bonds walloped home run No. 754 off something named Rick VandenHurk on July 27.

And, yes, I have watched. Bonds, to me, is one of those athletes who falls into the "I don't like him, but I respect him" category. So while I may not agree with the alleged methods he may have used to get to where he is, I still am impressed he has lasted 20-plus years as an everyday player in the big leagues.


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