Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another reason to love the 2005 draft

The 1983 NFL Draft is known for producing one of the greatest lots of quarterbacks in history.

Now, it seems the 2005 MLB draft is headed that way -- though not at one specific.

With Cameron Maybin's promotion to Detroit this week, seven of the draft's top 10 picks have reached the majors in roughly two years.

Those seven guys aren't the normal September callups either. Milwaukee's Ryan Braun and Colorado's Troy Tulowitzki are battling for NL Rookie of the Year honors. Justin Upton, at age 20, is starting in right field for Arizona, which leads the NL West and Ryan Zimmerman had a 100-RBI season last year for Washington.

Talent-wise, these guys belong. Personality-wise, they do as well.

Zimmerman and Tulowitzki already are respected leaders in their clubhouses, but Braun takes the cake.

In a recent Sporting News article, Braun, who is from Los Angeles and played his college ball at Miami, dropped a gem of a quote. To paraphrase Braun, the Miami girls helped make his college choice a lot easier.


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