Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Announcers gone wild

Saw something tonight I never want to see again -- two shirtless television announcers. For those who didn't see it, consider yourself lucky. Or if your a masochist, I'm sure it will be on Youtube soon enough.

Anyway, the cornea-scratching moment came during the seventh inning stretch of Wednesday's Texas-Cleveland game at chilly Jacobs Field. Tom Grieve, who has done a little bit of everything for the Rangers, said during the stretch he was going to mock some of the Cleveland fans, who are apparently impervious to sub-40 degree temperatures. As a Southern boy, I am not.

So when the FSN cameras cut back to Grieve and Josh Lewin after a brief commercial break, both announcers were topless. Yep, 40 degrees and nary a shirt between the two.

I know the Rangers are bad this season but there isn't enough dead air out there to warrant doing that ever again.


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