Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tough times at Tech

This was going to be THE year for Louisiana Tech's baseball team.

The year the Bulldogs broke their nearly two-decade-long regional drought.

If that's going to happen, the Pups better get on the stick.

Tech dropped a 17-2 heartbreaker (as only Bob Uecker in "Major League" could call it) to Sacramento State on Thursday night, falling to 2-6 in the Western Athletic Conference.

In previous seasons, 2-6 would not be a death sentence. However, with the WAC switching to four-game conference series this year, it may be.

The Bulldogs are a struggling outfit right now and there is no salve in beating up on the Tennessee-Martins or McNeese States of the world that will make the Dawgs feel better about themselves.

With the WAC Tournament less than two months away from its first appearance in Ruston, Tech has precious little time to make things right. It's either that or a weekend full of empty seats at J.C. Love Field.


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