Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Interesting start

One of our favorite GMs here at 222 Lake Street is Toronto's J.P. Ricciardi.

And if you believe that, I'm gonna go to George Strait's classic and tell you I have some ocean frotn property in Arizona for you.

Ricciardi refused to speak to me about a story I did a few years ago on the lack of minority general managers. He's also the same guy who misled reporters about former Airline High star B.J. Ryan's injury in spring training a year ago.

So how does this guy still have a job after seven years in Toronto?

Well take a listen to what Dan O'Brien of ESPN said during Wednesday night's Blue Jays-Yankees broadcast: "The Blue Jays think, with a healthy lineup and a healthy rotation, they can compete with the Red Sox and Yankees."

We all know the saying about nice guys and where they finish. If the Blue Jays have a good season, we'll see how the other half lives.


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