Thursday, March 27, 2008

Polk will leave a hole

Somewhere at the NCAA corporate headquarters, someone is smiling.

That's because Mississippi State head baseball coach Ron Polk (pictured) announced his resignation, effective the end of this season.

Polk was as eager to go to verbal battle with the NCAA as he was successful on the diamond -- and that's saying something.

A couple of seasons ago, when Mississippi State came to Ruston to face Louisiana Tech, I interviewed Polk. The best parts, of course, came off the record.

One rant of his that day centered around Alabama's new women's crew team.

Given that program had a full complement of scholarships, Polk was rightly peeved.

My favorite (cleaned up) line from that conversation: "Alabama didn't even have a lake. They had to build a lake for the team."

Polk is one of a kind in college baseball. When Skip Bertman left LSU to become the AD there, it took away one of the SEC's most colorful -- and quotable -- rivalries.

So, happy trails, coach Polk. The Left Field Lounge, Dudy Noble Field and SEC teleconferences won't be the same without you.


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