Monday, April 21, 2008

Good for Tulane

As LSU and Tulane prepare to resume their rivalry at Tulane's rebuilt Turchin Stadium (sorry, Richie, I can't bring myself to call it Greer Field at Turchin Stadium), several thoughts come to mind.

The first is to be happy for Wave head coach Rick Jones and his team. They finally have a home again. A real home. A home they don't have to share with a Triple-A team.

And, to top it off, their home has been rebuilt. See Turchin was going to be renovated following the 2005 college baseball season -- a season that ended with Tulane playing in the College World Series. Well, some two months after Baylor eliminated the Wave from college baseball's marquee event, we all know what happened.

Katrina hit and New Orleans never was the same.

Ditto for Tulane. It spent that fall working out and living in Lubbock, Texas. Then it came back to New Orleans and spent two seasons playing in cavernous Zephyr Field, home of the Triple-A New Orleans Zephyrs. It was a marriage of convenience, but, according to Jones, not of happiness on both sides.

Regardless, Tulane has a new ballpark -- a sparkling one at that. So as LSU makes its maiden voyage to the redone yard in New Orleans, it's time to be happy for Jones and a Tulane program that, hopefully, is home for good.


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