Friday, April 18, 2008

Missed my predictions

Here we are three weeks into the Major League Baseball and I still haven't made any predictions.

You could say I learned my lesson with my gawd-awful attempts the last couple of years, but the truth is I forgot. I got so busy doing something else that I didn't post the predictions you all have come to love -- and, I'm sure, mock.

So, without further ado, here goes another edition of Pugh's Picks for the Major League Baseball season:

American League
East champion -- Boston. I know it's not always a chic pick to go with a team that either A) won a World Series or B) went deep into the playoffs. But I can't see the Yankees coming up with enough pitching to overtake the Red Sox.

Central champion -- Detroit. Slow start or not, this offense will hit and the pitchers will pitch. And the Tigers will overcome their early deficit.

West champion -- Los Angeles. The return of John Lackey, and prudent planning by the front office, will keep them a step ahead of Seattle.

Wild-card -- New York. Why not? The Yankees still have enough money to fill the holes that will appear during the season.

National League

East champion -- New York. The Mets appear to have shaken the hangover from last season and have gotten the Phillies out of their heads.

Central champion -- St. Louis. The Cardinals appear to be for real. Dave Duncan is a certifiable miracle worker.

West champion -- Arizona. They added Danny Haren to their rotation and they learned to hit. Look out NL.

Wild card -- Chicago. Despite having Ted Lilly as a No. 2 starter, the Cubs should beat up on the Central enough to win the wild card.


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