Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Astros take stab at credibility

Last week the Texas Rangers introduced Nolan Ryan as the team's new president. Now the Houston Astros have added another familiar face to the nonplaying side of the organization.

Less than six months after his retirement, Craig Biggio rejoined the Astros, signing a three-year personal services contract.

This is not the first time the Astros have signed a former player to a PSC. They did the same with Roger Clemens and Jeff Bagwell.

Given the slip in perception the Astros have suffered this offseason, pulling in Biggio, who was generally respected within the game, was paramount. The Astros had Clemens and Andy Pettitte mentioned in the Mitchell Report and traded for Miguel Tejada who had his own chapter in the report.

The Astros have the Roger Clemens Elite Pitchers Camp and the Jeff Bagwell Elite Hitters Camp already. I'm not sure what the logical step is for something involving Biggio as far as that goes, but maybe they'll start the Craig Biggio Elite Grinders Camp.

Nothing else could be more appropriate for the little guy who did it all in a big way for the Astros.


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