Saturday, February 2, 2008

Smith makes a rookie mistake

Now that the Johan Santana trade is official, let's review.

The Minnesota Twins received a package of four players from the Mets for Santana and only one, Carlos Gomez, looks to have major staying power in the big leagues.

Two months ago, Twins GM Bill Smith was looking at trade packages from the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox that centered around players who have had success in the big leagues.

Most industry experts figured the Twins would be in a bit of a tough spot when Terry Ryan stepped down as GM. What many probably didn't count on was Smith's first big move would be this shockingly short-sighted.

Instead of landing someone like Jacoby Ellsbury, Jon Lester, Phillip Hughes or Ian Kennedy, the Twins landed Gomez and three fringy prospects.

Hopefully for Twins' fans, this is a rookie mistake on Smith's part and not the start of a downward trend.


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