Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm feeling old

I stopped by Calvary on Wednesday for Khiry Cooper's signing ceremony with Nebraska.

While there, I ran into former Parkway and Captain Shreve coach Ronnie Coker, who immediately made me feel way too old.

Turns out Coker told me he had someone playing for his Gametime Academy Under-17 team this summer that I knew.

No big surprise, I thought, given the volume of phone calls I've taken over the years and the fact my mother is a teacher in the Bossier Parish school system.

Then came the kicker. I know this person through his father, who I worked with in college.

Yep, Louisiana Tech head baseball coach Wade Simoneaux's son Thomas is old enough to play
on an under-17 team. To understand how old I felt, I first met Thomas when he was 5 or 6 years old, running around the then-USL baseball facility.

Now there's a chance I'll get a phone call this summer and ask for highlights from a travel team and hear "Thomas Simoneaux, 2-for-4" or something of that ilk and immediately feel much older than I am.


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