Tuesday, November 20, 2007

That's how the NL MVP Rolls

I have been critical of several of the major postseason awards. The NL Rookie of the Year vote, in my eyes, was a travesty. Ditto the AL Cy Young.

So how about Jimmy Rollins as your National League Most Valuable Player?

Good call, BBWAA. Seriously.

As good as Matt Holliday was, as impressive as Prince Fielder's power is, Rollins was exactly what an MVP should be.

He was the Phillies' rock. He was the one who made the "team to beat" prediction in January. He talked the talked and he walked the walked.

No Ryan Howard? No problem. No Chase Utley? No big deal. Rollins ignited one of the most dynamic offenses in baseball from Game 1 through Game 162 any way he could.

He hit home runs. He stole bases. He won a Gold Glove. He did it all.

And that's exactly what an MVP does.


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