Saturday, November 17, 2007

Strange move for Torrealba? Not so

Yorvit Torrealba's decision to sign with the New York Mets looks curious on the surface.

After all, Torrealba, a former Shreveport Captain, left the defending National League champion Colorado Rockies for the New York Mets, whom we last saw melting down in near-record fashion.

The money, of course, is good. Torrealba earned himself a substantial raise and would appear to be the Mets' new No. 1 catcher.

However, rumors swirled around New York intimating, for a while, the Mets wanted Ramon Castro to be their No. 1. Guess who re-signed with the Mets? Castro.

At any rate, Torrealba's days in the Mile High City seemed numbered. After all, the Rockies wanted Chris Iannetta to be their starting catcher this season.

Instead, a fortuitous discovery, in a season full of them, allowed Torrealba to seize his moment in the spotlight.

And make a tidy payday for himself in the process.


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