Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gold Gloves by reputation live on

There were 10 first-time winners among the Gold Gloves handed out Tuesday.

But one name on the list -- a multiple-time winner -- stood out as a shock.

Andruw Jones.

Once Jones was as graceful as they came, gliding through center field taking hit after hit away from hitters.

Now Jones' wasitline is expanding almost at the same rate as his range once did. He still makes plays most center fielders could not. But he certainly doesn't rate, in this baseball fan's mind, as one of the top three defensive outfielders in the National League.

For a couple of seasons, St. Louis' Jim Edmonds seemed to earn Gold Gloves based on name recognition rather than merit. Now it seems we can lump Jones, whose Atlana teammate Jeff Francoeur and his 19 outfield assists earned his first Gold Glove, into that category.


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