Friday, October 19, 2007

Rockies have a three-deep roster -- at QB

During his college baseball career at the University of Tennessee, Todd Helton held a part-time job -- starting quarterback for the Vols -- until one Peyton Manning took it away from him.

As any sports fan knows, Manning broke through and won the Super Bowl in February.

What most sports fans don't know is Helton's Colorado Rockies teammate Seth Smith was the backup quarterback to Eli Manning while at Ole Miss.

Smith, who has become Colorado's top pinch-hitting option, was on the Rebels roster when Ole Miss knocked off Nebraska at the 2002 Independence Bowl.

Throw in Matt Holliday, once an Oklahoma State quarterback signee, and it's easy to see how a football fan could be easily swayed to root for the Rockies in the upcoming World Series.


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