Monday, October 29, 2007

Musings on A-Fraud

So Alex Rodriguez couldn't let the baseball season end without trying to take center stage.

Does this man have some kind of personality quirk or what?

But before everyone gets excited about a possible free-agent acquisition for their team, my man Jason Pugh and I came up with the antidote for anything Scott Boras can trot out about his man A-Fraud.

Alex Rodriguez -- Postseason with the Yankees
24 Games
.253 batting average
4 home runs
9 RBIs

Manny Ramirez -- Postseason with the Red Sox
38 Games
.321 batting average
11 home runs
38 RBIs

Those two players signed massive contracts following the 2000 season -- Rodriguez signed his $252 million deal with the Rangers; Ramirez picked up his $20 million a year deal with the Red Sox.

Oh, and there is one other advantage for Ramirez. That's TWO World Series rings to NONE for A-Fraud.

So to my way of thinking, Ramirez has been the better value for the dollar.

So if you're wishing for A-Fraud on your team, be careful what you wish for.


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