Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sox halfway home

Game 2 of the World Series was much different from Game 1 except for the result.

After holding Colorado to one run for the second straight game, Boston heads across the country with a 2-0 series lead and an air of invincibility.

The question now becomes can Daisuke Matsuzaka, the $103 million Boston savior, keep it going?

Dice-K has been unable to make it past five innings in his first playoff starts and now he heads to Coors Field.

Coors isn't the launching pad it once was, but Dice-K likes to pitch up in the zone. If Colorado is to get back into the series, it had better take a Red Sox-like approach and work Matsuzaka's pitch count and hope he mispitches his way into trouble.

If not, get ready for a quick series and a lot of Dropkick Murphys music in the winter.


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