Monday, September 10, 2007

Looking for an NL MVP, turn to Philly

There is recent precedent for a player whose team did not reach the playoffs to be named the Most Valuable Player.

In fact, it happened last year in the National League when Philadelphia's Ryan Howard won the award.

And it should happen again this year, assuming the Phillies don't reach the playoffs. But it shouldn't be a repeat winner.

No, this year the NL MVP award should have Chase Utley's name engraved upon it.

The Philadelphia second baseman is in contention for a batting title, has nearly 50 doubles and is closing in on 100 RBIs despite missing a month of action because of a broken hand.

More importantly, he is the grit and determination behind a Phillies team that is trying to shake off a couple of seasons worth of September heartbreak.

Should Philly advance to the NL playoffs, it would be, in this person's opinion, a no-brainer for Utley to claim the award. Even if the Phillies fall short again, however, it makes Utley no less deserving.


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