Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The end of Clemens?

We haven't seen the last of Roger Clemens this season, but one can't help but wonder if the 45-year-old medical marvel is reaching the end of his long, prosperous road.

Clemens was shelled by a struggling Seattle team Monday and immediately had an MRI on his right elbow. Then there was a cortisone shot in that elbow Tuesday.

And this is from a guy who didn't pitch until late May this season.

For all the dragged-out, will he retire or won't he retire offseason soap operas, you think the Yankees would like to have gotten more out of Clemens.

As it stands, this has been the (half) season that has finally exposed Clemens' baseball mortality. I'll admit, last year I was wrong about Clemens coming back. I thought the Astros were crazy for doing what they did. This year, it appears the Yankees won't the on-field return on their investment and that may signal the end for The Rocket.


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