Friday, August 31, 2007

Baker deserves a 'wow'

Scott Baker's performance Friday night shouldn't come as any surprise. The Captain Shreve grad had plenty of inspiration.

Pitching in the second game of a doubleheader precipitated by the I-35W bridge collapse, Baker retired the first 24 Kansas City batters he faced Friday night, carrying a perfect game into the ninth inning.

Baker's personal life has been anything but perfect lately. He and his wife, Leann, welcomed their second child last Friday, but he was five weeks premature.

Baker had been bouncing between Shreveport and wherever the Twins were playing, balancing family and the pressure of helping keep the Twins in the playoff hunt.

For one night, Baker straightened out the professional part of his life in a big way. Baker was efficient, overpowering (striking out a career-best nine) and in complete control.

Here's hoping things at home work out the same way.


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