Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Joba Rules? Please

Watching the Red Sox-Yankees game Wednesday night was an exercise in patience -- when it came to pressing the mute button.

If I hear one more mention of "The Joba Rules" -- the guidelines the Yankees have established for how and when rookie Joba Chamberlain can pitch -- I'm going to throw up.

In case you're unfamiliar with the rules -- or actually the rule -- here it is: For every inning Chamberlain pitches, he gets that many days off. He pitched one inning against Boston on Tuesday making him unavailable for Wednesday's game. Yet the ESPN cameras must have cut to Chamberlain 25 times during the game.

Is Chamberlain good? Yes. He's struck out 17 batters in his first 10 major league innings. I think it's time the Yankees took the kid gloves off especially given current setup man Kyle Farnsworth's propensity to melt down.

And there would be a side benefit to anyone who watches a Yankees game, no more hearing about "The Joba Rules."


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