Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All-Star observations

Random thoughts from watching Tuesday night's 78th All-Star Game:

I think Tim McCarver's inanity has rubbed off on Joe Buck.

Ichiro Suzuki certainly is one of the most uniquely talented hitter in baseball history. Take his three hits Tuesday night. He had a scorched ground-ball single, a cue-shot flare and a ringing inside-the-park home run. Three different pitchers, three different swings. One result -- another hit for the Japanese maestro.

AT&T Park may be the most picturesque ballpark in the country. I went to two games there in 2005 and each shot of the park made me either want to go back or remember back to those games.

Eventually the AL's dominance will end and that end shall come sooner rather than later. The National League blew some chances this time, but the young stars permeating the NL roster should give those fans hope for a breakthrough in the next couple of seasons.


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