Saturday, June 30, 2007

And now for the NL

1. Milwaukee -- The Brewers are back in their happy place -- playing the rest of the NL Central.

2. Los Angeles -- Sure would be nice for Ned Colletti to add an impact bat before the deadline.

3. San Diego -- Ditto for Kevin Towers, but Petco Park could swallow most impact bats whole.

4. New York -- Mets right themselves in homer-happy Philadelphia.

5. Philadelphia -- Rollins can't live down offseason comments.

6. Arizona -- The arms are there. The bats may be a year away.

7. Atlanta -- These Braves are much Saltier than the past.

8. Chicago -- Streaking Cubs have Brewers looking over their shoulder.

9. Florida -- Not out of it so D-Train will likely stay on South Florida route.

10. St. Louis -- Treading water until Carpenter, Mulder are healthy.

11. Colorado -- That sweep of the Yankees feels like a lifetime ago.

12. Houston -- Back-to-back extra-inning wins give Astros hope, no matter how faint.

13. San Francisco -- Go ahead, put Bonds in the All-Star Game.

14. Pittsburgh -- Sellers again.

15. Washington -- Countdown to 2008 almost half over.

16. Cincinnati -- Do Dunn or Griffey a favor and deal 'em already.


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