Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Baker, Rangers reborn

This week is exactly why it's fun to watch semi-serious baseball fans wig out and overreact at the slightest sign of good or bad play.

Take the Texas Rangers as a whole. Sure they're pretty much eliminated from postseason contention already, but with nine wins in their last 12 games the Rangers are proving to be better than the worst team in the American League, a title they held for a while.

Then, on the individual side, there's Scott Baker. The former Captain Shreve star struggled in his last couple of starts for Minnesota. So, facing Toronto on Tuesday, what does Baker do? Seven innings of one-run ball. More importantly, the Twins won the game, though Baker didn't factor in the decision. Add in the fact Baker made Frank Thomas, he of the 499 career home runs, look silly for most of the game.

Looks like there's a great summer of stories shaping up.


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