Monday, June 25, 2007

No more interleague thankfully

Interleague play has come and gone. Let me among the first to say thank goodness.

When Major League Baseball instituted interleague play in 1997, it was regarded as an interest-booster -- something to bring fans, who had been slow to return after the 1994 strike, back to the game.

Ten years later, it seems to have run its course. Sure attendance was boosted 15 percent over noninterleague games, but most of that could feasibly be attributed to geographic rivalries such as Cubs-White Sox, A's-Giants, Yankees-Mets and Astros-Rangers. With the notable exception of the Cubs and Yankees, the other teams got a nice bump in attendance over playing say, the Royals or the Reds.

Interleague was a neat little concept when it first started, but it's time Bud Selig and his cronies did away with it.


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