Saturday, May 26, 2007

Check out the 'Dores

I may be forced to eat my words just yet. All season long I've dismissed the Vanderbilt Commodores -- especially David Price -- as being overrated.

But Vandy's run through the SEC Tournament has been eye-opening. Everyone knew about Price, who is less than two weeks away from commanding mega millions from whichever team drafts him, but Tim Corbin's bunch is proving to be much more than a one-man show.

Pitching and defense wins championships. Yes, that's even true at the college level. Well it's more true now than it was 10 years ago at least.

And having some offense never hurts. With Pedro Alvarez and Dominic de la Osa in the lineup, the Commodores can bash with the best. SEC haters had better beware. If Vanderbilt keeps this up -- and to be honest there's not a long history of postseason success to fall back on -- the SEC trophy case may get a little bit more crowded.


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