Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Groundhog day in Texas

The Texas Rangers hit the quarter point of the Major League Baseball season with 25 losses.

Doing the math that would make the Rangers a 100-loss team at 62-100.

Can you fire the owner?

The Rangers stink. They've stunk for a while now. They still haven't figured out a way to either obtain or develop pitching.

This is sort of like the movie "Groundhog Day.'' Every spring the Rangers hit. Every spring the Rangers can't pitch. Every spring the Rangers stink.

I know The Ballpark is a hitter's park. But you've got to do something (move the fences back? humidor? Green Monster?) to help give your pitchers a chance.

And by the way, it appears former Rangers GM Doug Melvin knew a little bit about what he was doing. Melvin has built the Milwaukee Brewers into a team that looks like it will contend in the NL Central.


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