Monday, May 21, 2007

Still reason to see SLC Tournament

The Northwestern State Demons will host the Southland Conference Baseball Tournament beginning Wednesday. The Demons won't be playing in it, however.

Still there is reason to go watch the tournament.

The SLC is one of the more underrated college baseball conferences in the country. The league produces top-notch coaches -- four SEC coaches are SLC alums and Texas A&M's Rob Childress was an NSU pitching coach.

The conference currently has 18 major league players among its alumni and NSU's Brian Lawrence is waiting to break into the Mets' rotation while working at Triple-A New Orleans.

The conference has produced first-round draft picks as well. In fact, it wasn't long ago that current No. 1 tourney seed Texas-San Antonio had compensatory pick Mark Schramek manning third base. And who could forget Hunter Pence, the Houston Astros spark plug who played his college ball at Texas-Arlington.

No Demons likely means a lower attendance for the tournament. The quality of the play, however, shouldn't.


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