Monday, March 5, 2007

Pretty amazing recovery

LSU's T.J. Forrest, a Haughton High product, will pitch his first college baseball game Tuesday night at Fair Grounds Field.

Surprising? A little. Anyone who saw Forrest pitch for the Bucs could tell he had a bright future. The question was big-time college (like LSU) or sign a pro contract.

In April, the answer was made for him when he blew out a ligament in his elbow, leading to Tommy John surgery. Now, less than 11 months after surgery, Forrest will step on the Fair Grounds Field mound against Centenary.

This is a surgery that has sidelined some of the best arms in baseball for at least a calendar year and here's a 19-year-old kid coming back after 11 months. Here's guessing pitching in the SEC may not bother Forrest all that much in the coming seasons.


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