Saturday, February 24, 2007

Transfers anonymous? Not so much

The free transfer rule in college baseball -- where a player can transfer without sitting out a season -- is a source of debate between coaches, players, administrators and anyone who will listen.

But it also makes for a lot of fun matchups. Take this weekend in Baton Rouge for example.

Two former LSU Tigers are playing key roles for UCF -- shortstop Matt Horwath and pitcher Eric English.

Neither did much at LSU. Granted Horwath was injured and college pitching is always a crap shoot. Anyway, in a funny twist, Horwath made the last out in Friday's 4-1 LSU win and English was roughed up during LSU's 13-6 win Saturday.

After speaking with several coaches, it's easy to see both sides of the transfer argument. It's one of the issues facing college baseball -- the other being the APR, which was recently chided in one press box as Another Poor Rule -- that could cause the game to lose some steam.


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