Thursday, January 24, 2008

A couple of lists

While we sit in this gray, listless baseball-free period of the year, here's a couple of lists for you.

Baseball-related things I'm tired of:

1. Steroids -- MLB seems to be the only sport beating itself up over this -- and we have to keep hearing about it.

2 (or 1A.) Roger Clemens -- For goodness sakes Rocket, retire and start your personal services contract with Houston.

3. Johan Santana Trade Rumors -- It's been a daily occurrence -- or non-occurrence -- since early December. Its' time Johan, and the rest of us, learn where he's heading to spring training.

Baseball-related things I'm ready for:

1. Opening Day -- Nothing's better.

2. College baseball's start -- This will get you through until April.

3. The Fukudome Effect -- I'm not a Cubs fan but I'm curious to see if it will it be the same as Ichiro (stellar), Dice-K (successful, nothing spectacular) or Tsuyoshi Shinjo (Who?).


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