Friday, September 21, 2007

Enough with Mr. Chamberlain

OK, in case you missed it, New York Yankees rookie right-hander Joba Chamberlain is a flame-thrower, savior and all-around perfect human being.

That is if you listen to the mainstream (read New York-centric) media.

Now we get more of the Chamberlains. Joba's father, Harlan, was stricken with polio at 9 months old, is confined to a scooter and is deaf in one ear.

And he gets almost as much media attention as his son.

I wouldn't be surprised to findout the Chamberlains are good people. Anyone battling through polio and raising a child as a single parent has plenty of character.

Now, that being said, please stop with the Chamberlain lovefest. Or realize there are other stories out there as September flips to October. Focus on something other than the Yankees and the Red Sox and give baseball fans a chance to enjoy the rich tapestry of the other 28 teams in this game.


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